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You're on quite the role these days. Wonderful to see.
Fri Feb 6, 2015, 10:37 PM
Can you create the Queen of Centaurs ?
Sun Jan 19, 2014, 2:25 PM
Added a shout box - feel free to leave a shout out or quick comment.
Mon Oct 28, 2013, 1:41 PM



The Hidden Cove
She had not planned to come here, but it was shelter from the storm and heavy waves, and a place to think. This was such a surreal nightmare.

Laura flipped her tailfin weakly underneath the water, keeping the delicate fins wet. A day ago she'd had feet, and legs, and no indication that she was about to become a creature from mythology. The cruise ship she'd been on was two days from ports, and her fiance had seemed oddly distant and furtive. She discovered why when she entered their shared cabin, to discover him nude and busily engaged with a red haired woman with green eyes, who was just as naked. Laura had stood there shocked, then started to yell at the both of them. The other woman got a strange look on her face before breaking out in a wicked grin.

"Oh, you're a pretty thing, aren't you," the woman finally laughed. "This one's mine, though. You'll have to catch your own. Of course, there are plenty of fish in the sea."

The woman's eyes flashed, her hand moved in a complex gesture, and Laura shrieked as a glow encompassed her. Then came the pain - the itching and scratching of clothes against her skin, the overwhelming need to get away from there, to get away from the painful dryness. She ran out of the cabin, ripping the clothes off her body and leaving them where they lay, until she was as nude as they had been. Several people had watched her, but couldn't stop her before she took a running leap over the banister and into the water below.

She felt her legs seem to melt and fuse together, felt her feet disappearing, felt bones reknitting themselves. She screamed until she swallowed salt water, then felt herself drowning as the water rushed into her lungs, then she blacked out. Perhaps she died. She wasn't too sure at this point.

Laura woke up on the rocks, the sun on her bare back, her hips and tail partially submerged. Awkwardly, she tried to move her tail, surprised and somewhat dismayed by its power as she shoot onto the rocks. She turned over and brushed the mud and dirt off her breasts, then looked down. Her scales started out tannish white, but became blue around mid-thigh. Her hips and buttocks were most still human, if somewhat blue, and placing her fingers below the beach of her stomach she found that her private parts were still there, even if they weren't obvious. For some reason that had scared her more than she liked to admit. Below her hips, her legs merged together into a single column, and while she had something like knees, below that she could feel the faint bumps that made up a what she was sure was a fishlike tail, terminating in a fleshy forklike fin with gauzy webbing between each tine.

The damned bitch had turned her into a mermaid.

Laura subconsciously immersed her tail under the water while trying to comb the seaweed out of her hair with her fingers, her eyes studying her reflection in the waves. She had no idea about whether this was permanent or not, but either way she needed to think hard about her next steps - er, splashes. She had to get back to land, regardless of whether she was going to stay like this or not. 

After that, she was going to pay a witch a visit.

In the Shallows by SeatailsArt
In the Shallows
I've updated this particular mermaid - Illyana - both to fix some rendering issues and to better integrate her into the background. Illyana is lovely but deadly, especially to submariners.
Hey, Buddy! Eyes Up Here! (NSFW)
Okay, this has become something of an old joke, but I had to try this in Poser. Maddy tends to get most upset when people don't look her in the eyes, rather than her other assets. What's a poor gorgon to do?
Mermaid Exploring
Every so often I get into a mode where I will end up producing two or three pictures in a night. Usually avoidance behavior. Anywho ... another mermaid.


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